Supreme is back in the headlines with a preview of their soon to be released collaboration with Nike and the NBA. Rumors began circulating recently about Supreme doing an NBA/Air Force 1 Mid collab, in which the classic sneaker would be covered in logos from all NBA teams.

Today, Supreme posted preview images of corresponding jerseys and basketball shorts emblazoned with a Nike logo and logos from all NBA teams to their official Instagram account.

The sneak peak of the collection featured Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith. Earlier this season Smith played several nationally televised games with a Supreme shooting sleeve on his arm. The relationship between Smith and Supreme seems like a natural fit. He has earned a reputation over the years for being controversial to say the least, but he's a favorite among the social media generation.

Just last Friday he was suspended for allegedly throwing soup on a former player and current Cavs assistant coach Damon Jones.

Throughout his career, he's also been suspended for incidents such as untying opponents shoelaces during the game and posting a photo of model Tahiry in his bed to name a few.

Smith’s image as one of the league’s "bad boys," and his relevance to the culture, fit right in with Supreme’s effort to appeal to a younger generation. The jerseys and shorts are set to drop March 8th.